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End of Semester Exams & Bridge Week

Second Semester Bridge Week - 2020-2021

Last semester we implemented a change to final exams to better prepare all students, especially those who are at-risk, for the second semester. We found that the implementation of Bridge Week was helpful to students and provided them with a great opportunity to raise their final grades before the end of the year. This semester we will be running Bridge Week from May 18 - May 21, 2021.

The goal of Bridge Week is to academically “bridge” Spring of 2021 with Fall of 2021 and will include re-teaching, re-learning, and re-assessment of course skills. Regardless of learning mode (remote, blended, in-person), this schedule will apply to all students. With Bridge Week beginning on May 18, Monday, May 17 will be the last required day for all-student attendance for students that are considered “exempt.” Please see all exemption criteria for Bridge Week below:

  • Exemption criteria applies to all students in Grant synchronous-taught courses. Exemptions do not apply to Fully Remote learners enrolled in Edgenuity and Illinois Virtual High School.
  • Exemption criteria is based on performance in individual classes:
    • If a student has earned a cumulative grade of an A, B, or C on May 17, he/she will not be required to attend Bridge Week for that individual class.
    • Students earning an A, B, or C may elect to attend synchronous classes during Bridge Week to possibly improve their grade, but are not required to attend. Students meeting this criteria will be marked as “Remote-Present” in Skyward regardless of attendance.
    • Students earning a D or F are required to attend individual classes during Bridge Week until grades of C or better are earned. Non-exempt students who are required to attend Bridge Week, but fail to attend, will be marked “Absent” in Skyward.
  • Exemption criteria does not apply to students enrolled in the following
    • Calculus 3
    • Applied Math
    • Prep Math
    • Lake County Technology Campus Courses
    • LOP Courses
    • Transition Program

As we will be following Bridge Week at the end of the semester, no formal final exam schedule will be utilized, however, teacher-teams do have the option to administer unit assessments, projects, or cumulative assessments during the week of May 10-14. Teachers will notify individual students of attendance expectations for the week of May 18 by Monday, May 17. Please be aware that as Semester 2 concludes on May 21, this will also be the last day that coursework will be accepted. Below is a calendar that lays out the schedule for May 10-21.

May 2021











Remote Learning Bell Schedule

Remote Learning Bell Schedule

Asynchronous E-Learning Flex Day Schedule

Remote Leaning Bell Schedule

Remote Learning Bell Schedule







Remote Learning Bell Schedule

Last day for all-student attendance.

Bridge Week

Non-exempt students follow Remote Learning Bell Schedule.

Bridge Week

Non-exempt students follow Remote Learning Bell Schedule.

Last day of Bridge Week for Seniors.

Bridge Week

Non-exempt students (Freshmen-Juniors) follow Remote Learning Bell Schedule.

Bridge Week

Non-exempt students (Freshmen-Juniors) follow Remote Learning Bell Schedule.

Final Day of Semester 2.

As noted on our 2020-2021 Calendar, Monday, May 24 was intended to be used for final exams. Moving forward with Bridge Week, May 24 will no longer be used as a day of student attendance and will instead be utilized as a Remote Learning Planning Day for staff.

It is our hope that Bridge Week will help students end Semester 2 successfully and prepare them for the next school year. Please continue to keep the lines of communication open with your teachers and stay engaged in your coursework.