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Community Update from Dr. Sefcik

November 24, 2020
To Our Shared Communities,
Gavin School District 37, Big Hollow School District 38, Lake Villa School District 41, Fox Lake Grade School District 114, and Grant Community High School District 124 have been in close contact throughout the Adaptive Pause, as recommended by the Lake County Health Department.  With a shared goal to have students return to in-person learning as soon as it is safe to do so, we have agreed to monitor health metrics and make decisions regarding our learning mode every two weeks.  
At this time, we have collectively determined that it will not be possible to resume in-person learning on November 30th.  Each district maintains a COVID-19 data dashboard providing local health metrics that have guided our decision making.  
Additionally, with only three weeks prior to winter break, we have made the difficult decision that students will not return to in-person learning before break.  Districts will provide their communities an update prior to beginning winter break as to our learning plans for January 4th and beyond.    
We continue to appreciate your patience, flexibility and support as we navigate these difficult times together.   
Julie A. Brua, Ed.D. Superintendent Gavin School District 37
Bob Gold, Superintendent, Big Hollow School District 38
Lynette Zimmer, Superintendent, Lake Villa School District 41
Heather Friziellie, Ed.S. Superintendent Fox Lake School District 114
Christine A. Sefcik, Ed.D. Superintendent Grant Community High School District 124