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SAT Test - Transportation Form

Due to the pandemic last spring, the State could not administer the SAT with Essay for the Class of 2021.  This exam is required in order for a student to receive a diploma.  This fall, the state-required SAT with Essay will be administered to our seniors on Wednesday, October 14, to make sure our students meet the requirement.  All seniors, whether they are taking GCHS classes or if they are fully remote this semester should test on this day.  

In order to follow social distancing and safety procedures, the seniors will test in two different shifts on that day and students must wear masks.  Although the exact times have not been established yet, the first group would start around approximately 8:00 A.M. with the second group starting no later than 10:00 A.M.  The total time here for the test will be approximately 5 hours.  Snacks will be provided during testing at the approved times.

Since this exam is required, we want all of our seniors to test on this day.  Seniors are encouraged to provide their own transportation here--no parking pass is needed.  However, if you can not provide your own transportation, we will be providing bus transportation to and from school.  Below is a link to a form that we would like ALL seniors to complete about transportation for that day.

Additional information will be coming out as the rest of the logistics are worked out such as testing times, testing rooms, materials needed, accommodations, etc.  Make sure to note on your calendar, Seniors, that on Wednesday, October 14th, you will need to come to Grant for your SAT test and make sure to fill out the transportation form in the link below.

Transportation Form for the October 14 SAT