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Prom 2024


Prom 2024Prom is Friday, May 3rd, and the destination is the Belvedere Banquets in Elk Grove Village, IL.  Please remember, all students must be present for the entire school day on Friday, May 3rd in order to attend Prom. No absences, tardies, or passes off campus will be excused for students attending Prom. Please be aware that any student tardy to school or absent from any class will not be allowed to attend Prom. Please refer to the important prom information below.

Junior and Senior students received formal Prom Guidelines during the week of March 18th. Further inquiries can be addressed to event organizers Ms. Highley at (847) 973-3742, or Ms. Crambes at (847) 973-3455,

Important Prom Information:

Prom Talks Presentation

Purchase ONLINE tickets (Ticket Sales:  4/8 - 4/18)

Prom Table Request Form Due Friday, April 19th (Complete after everyone in your table purchases their tickets)


Prom Schedule:
Tentative schedule for the evening is as follows:Prom Menu
4:30pm – 5:30pm         Arrive at school to board buses
6:30pm                         Arrive at the Belvedere Banquets
6:30pm - 7:30pm          Appetizers & Pictures                 
7:30pm – 8:30pm         Dinner
8:30pm - 10:45pm.       Dancing
10:45pm                       Board buses to head back to the high school
11:30- 12 am                Arrive at GCHS

Prom is a school function; all school rules and regulations, as stated in the Student/Parent Handbook, apply for all students attending prom.  Students who behave improperly will be referred to a GCHS administrator and parents will be notified. 

School Dance Policy
Dances are a privilege for students of GCHS to attend. GCHS students must present their current school ID upon entering any school-sponsored dance. All school dances and events are drug and alcohol-free events.  In order to attend, all students and outside guests must remain drug and alcohol-free for the duration of the event. By purchasing a ticket and attending the dance or event, students and their guests agree to all rules and conditions of a Grant Community High School function.  All rules in the Student Handbook will be enforced. In addition, dancing that is defined as sexually explicit or otherwise inappropriate will not be allowed.  Students will be given one warning, and additional contact with staff will result in the parent or guardian being notified and the student will be removed from the dance. If students are unable to adhere to the requirements, parents will be notified and appropriate action will be taken including but not limited to school discipline, referral to local law enforcement, loss of privilege to attend future dances and/or events, loss of privilege to participate in the Graduation Ceremony.

Although it is held off campus, Prom is still a school-sponsored event, and all school rules and policies are in effect.  Please be aware that students will be responsible for the security of all personal items such as cell phones, purses, cameras, etc.

Prom Eligibility: Junior/Senior Invitation and Guest Information
In order to attend Prom, students must be a junior or senior currently enrolled at GCHS. Students wishing to bring a Freshman, Sophomore or out-of-school guest are allowed. Early grads are considered out-of-school guests and must have a current student bring them as a guest. Students bringing an out-of-school guest will need to complete the form below and receive pre-approval from the deans prior to ticket purchase by completing the guest form and submitting supporting documents.  A picture of the front of the guest's student ID or state-issued ID must be printed and attached to the form for review.  Current students will need to bring their current ID to Prom and outside guests are required to show a state-issued photo ID upon arrival.  No one over the age of 20 is allowed to attend Prom. 

All out-of-school guest forms must be completed and submitted by Friday, April 5th.

Prom Ticket Information
Prom tickets will be on sale online or the Bookstore from April 8 through April 18, 2024. Only check and cash payments can be made in the Bookstore.    All GCHS Senior and Junior Students must purchase tickets individually. Senior and Junior Students may not purchase two tickets under the same ID#. If you are purchasing a ticket for your date who is an underclassman (Sophomore/Freshman) or out-of-school guest, you must use that student's name and student ID#. 

Seniors/Juniors who are bringing a guest are responsible for their guests.  When purchasing tickets for you and your guest, please select the appropriate ticket purchase.  

Students who have been approved to bring an outside guest will select the Senior/Junior taking an out-of-school guest ticket.  If your guest has not been pre-approved, the student will not be allowed to attend.

No tickets will be sold after April 18, 2024.

Tickets and Favors

Tickets and favors will be available the week of prom. 


All students and guests will be required to ride school-sponsored bus transportation to and from Prom. This bus transportation is included in the price of the ticket and is mandatory. Students are not allowed to utilize private transportation to or from Prom. Students who do so will not be admitted to Prom.

Dinner Seating/Bus Assignments:
Table Request forms will be available the week of April 8, 2024.
Forms must be submitted by 11:59 pm on Friday, April 19, 2024. Please email all table request forms to Mrs. Highley,

Anyone who does not meet the deadline will be seated by the Prom coordinator. No Exceptions.

Prom coordinators will try to assign buses by table groups whenever possible. Requests for bus assignments will not be taken.

Prom Night Check-In
Prom check-in will begin in the auditorium lobby at 4:45 p.m. on Prom Night. Students must present their ticket and current ID upon check-in to the Prom. Outside guests must present a valid state-issued photo ID to be admitted to Prom. Students who do not have proper identification will not be allowed to board a bus. Buses will depart beginning at 5:30 p.m. Students who miss the bus to Prom will not be allowed to attend. Students wishing to attend Prom are required to ride the bus to and from Prom. Student parking will be available in the student lot. Parents should park in the front lot.