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Spotlight Artist of the Month

Holly Garcia - January Spotlight Artist of the Month

Everyone has a passion that drives them to be the best versions of themselves. Mine happens to be art, it comes in so many different forms and even in places you least expect. Art is worldwide and everyone can make it because there is no manual. From a very young age art has allowed me to explore and discover who I am. My passion for art would not be the same without the support of my family, friends and teachers who help me grow into the person I am today. The Grant Art Department gives a wide range of opportunities to students with teachers who are very supportive and push you to do your best.One of the biggest opportunities I've had is being an officer of NAHS because it surrounds me with people who share the same passion. As well as creating long lasting friendships, memories but also gain knowledge and leadership skills. I would strongly encourage you to join an art class today! As always live with passion!

Foodie  Whale  Abstract  Maddux  Flowers