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Spotlight Artist of the Month

Rachel Manlubatan Art has always acted as a way for me to express myself while simultaneously allowing my journey of self-discoverment to continue. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been creating in various ways, despite having a limited experience in art classes and clubs. Art wasn’t a greatly emphasized aspect in elementary and middle school, as only a few years of art classes were provided and art club only consisted of a few mediums, but with my family’s support and with my own motivation, I explored different ways to create on my own time. From sketching, painting, writing, and taking pictures, I found that art was one of the few things that gave me happiness no matter what form I was utilizing. When entering Grant, I knew that I would want to be involved with art club and tech for theater, and I was so excited to meet new people who shared the same passions I possessed. Yet, I never knew how much joy I would feel when my school life and art life combined, and I wasn’t ready for my comfortability with my own art to increase so fast as the students of Grant welcomed me with open arms and suffocated me with support. I wasn’t ready to be given huge opportunities, such as being a student art director or an officer of NAHS. I wasn’t ready to feel like I was apart of a family, a family built of some of the strongest bonds I’ve ever made as I work everyday with caring teachers and continue to meet such passionate students, all who help me grow both in my art and in my life. Pursuing art related activities throughout high school has let me develop new skills, and I strongly recommend getting involved during your high school career in different art classes and clubs, as it’s handed me some of the happiest moments in my life.


Rachel - Photography Piece  Rachel - Photography Piece  Rachel - Drawing Piece  Rachel - Drawing Piece  Rachel - Drawing Piece