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Spotlight Artist of the Month

Spotlight Artist of the Month In my opinion, art is like a snapshot allowing you to reflect on who you were, who you are, and who you might become. That’s why to me, art has always been about evoking an emotion within your audience and challenging their perspective by giving them a glimpse into yours. And to do these things you don’t need to be good at art you just need to create something that captures what it means to be you. In that case, taking art classes helps to improve the way you convey these messages by forcing you to make pieces that you’re not comfortable with but it’s that uncertainty that causes you to improve. As a matter of fact, Grant’s art department does a great job of this though peer critiquing and advice from the amazing art teachers. In addition, NAHS is the perfect place to surround yourself with your fellow peers that have a passion for the arts and open opportunities to better your community.