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Small Classroom Addition to Begin Spring 2017

After several years of planning, the Board of Education of Grant Community High School recently approved plans for a small classroom addition. As our enrollment has grown and legislation has been passed, the space needed to accommodate all students’ needs has evolved, and this small addition will help to meet these needs. This project will provide new space for four additional classrooms, an updated nurse’s office that will allow for the efficient treatment of students, and a shared meeting space for individual or groups of students and staff. The addition will be at the northeastern end of the building and will involve closing the bus lane/morning drop off lane for a period of time at the end of the school year. This project will be funded from our operating budget, and is anticipated to be complete during the fall of 2017. We are excited at the prospect of this positive addition to the Grant facilities, and more information will be communicated as the project begins to get underway.