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    Physical Health Requirements:

    • Incoming freshmen students, students transferring from another school, transferring from another state or home schooled students must submit a completed Illinois Certificate of Health physical examination form (dated within 12 months of the first day of school) with required immunizations at the time of registration.  This physical will be acceptable for participation in athletics for one year plus 30 days from the date of the physical. Sports Physical forms are not acceptable for this examination.  Certificate of Child Health Exam Form or Certificate of Child Health Exam Form (Spanish)
    • Students grade 10, 11, 12 may not participate in interscholastic sports or team practice until they have filed a current physical with the athletic office.
    • A current vision exam is required for all out of state transfer students. Vision Form

    Any student not in compliance with the physical and/or immunization requirements will be excluded from school beginning October 15th until the correct information is submitted to the Health Office.

    Begining 2019-2020 School Year: All 9th graders are required to have a dental exam. Proof of the exam may be submitted to the Health Office anytime during the student’s 9th grade year. Please fill out this Dental Form and turn it into the Health Office as proof of the exam. If you are in need of a dental waiver form, that can be found here: Dental Examination Waiver.

    The following immunizations are required for all high school students in accordance with The Illinois School Code and Illinois Department of Public Health:

    • Diptheria-Tetanus-Pertussis (DTaP): Three or more doses of DTP/DTaP or TD; with the last dose qualifying as a booster if received on or after the 4th birthday.
    • Tetanus-diptheria-pertussis (Tdap): One dose for students entering 6th thru 12th grades
    • Polio (OPV or IPV): Three or more doses, the last dose qualifying as a booster received on or after the 4th birthday.
    • Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR): Two doses: the first dose must be on or after the first birthday and the second dose no less than one month later.  Laboratory evidence of immunity is acceptable.
    • Hepatitis B Series: Series of three injections. 28 days between first dose & second dose; two months between second dose & third dose; four months between first dose & third dose. Or two doses of adult Recombivax-HB vaccine for ages 11-15.
    • Varicella (chicken pox): Two doses required, the first dose must be on or after the first birthday and the second dose no less than one month later. or must show proof of disease with date, verified by physician. Laboratory evidence of immunity is acceptable.
    • Meningococcal (MCV4, Menveo, Menactra): Two doses. First dose prior to or for 9th grade. For 12th grade entry; second dose on or after the 16th birthday. Only one dose is required if the first dose was received at age 16 or older.

    Catch-up Immunization schedule will vary. For specific information on the state requirements, please visit the following website

    FOR STUDENTS WITH MEDICAL CONDITIONS, please work with you medical provider to complete the appropriate forms and return to the school nurse. Providing this information will help with managing the condition while the student is at school and will also serve as the medical order for any medication required during the school day. If you have any questions or concerns, or wish to discuss other health issues with the nurse, please call the health office at 847.973.3452.

    Vaccinations offered at Lake County Health Dept. for more information call 847-377-8470 or go to the link:


  • Notice: The Lake County Health Department can provide resources for low cost/Free physical to families in need. Call (847) 377-8000 and ask for the medical clinic