Phishing test

  • This was a Phishing test.

    No harm done.

    But targeted malicious email attacks can have devastating consequences.

    Know what to look for and avoid traps.

    • If you don't know the sender, don't click the link (or open the attachment). Hackers make a living pretending to be people they're not. Don't take the bait.

    • Check the sender's email address. It might look real, but when looked at carefully, the address might be misspelled or coming from somewhere unexpected.

    • No, Jeremy doesn’t want you to send him your phone number.

    • Hover over links before you click. Check the UR, does the URL in the email actually match where it goes?

    • Be careful of any amazing offers or rewards. If it's too good to be true, then it's probably a scam.

    Please report any suspicious email activity to