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  • Canine Connections is a club open to any GCHS student who loves dogs.  Its purpose is to unite dog lovers and offer them an opportunity to grow in their knowledge of all things related to dogs.  It has the following objectives:

    --to promote responsible dog ownership,

    --to explore canine-related careers and volunteer opportunities,

    --to become familiar with the physical, emotional, mental, and social components of dogs,

    --to understand the history, family ties, cultural relevance, and welfare issues of dogs,

    --to form healthy and positive interactions with dogs,

    --to build alliances with other students, staff, and community members who share in the interest of dogs.

    These objectives will be met through presentations, guest speakers, field trips, fundraising, team building, and experience with well-trained and highly socialized dogs and their experienced handlers.

    Check out our YouTube video for tips on showing your dog the love they deserve.


    Please visit our Schoology page (link in contact information section) for a calendar and more up-to-date information.