Future Ready Vision

  • Vision for a Future Ready SchoolFuture Ready

    Back in 2016, Grant Community High School District 124 signed the Future Ready Schools Pledge. At that time, we committed to continuously create learner-centered environments as part of that pledge, which helps support our goal of the Bulldog Way to improve student achievement. Our vision as a Future Ready School is to develop students who are college, career, and life ready. Included as part of this vision and the Future Ready School pledge are the following: 

    • To provide rigorous academic content for all students to build life skills where curriculum, instruction, and assessment are tightly aligned with and designed to engage students in personalized, technology-empowered, deeper learning experiences. 
    • To empower students to lead and to take ownership over their growth and learning, which could include but is not limited to: digital learning communities, collaborative learning, better use of formative and self-assessments, and experiences that eliminate the confines of geography and time. 
    • To help families and students transition to anytime, anywhere learning where the school will create technology-enabled environments and maintain a laser focus on the effective educational use of technology. 

    Future Ready students are students who: 

    • learn anytime, anywhere. 
    • create meaningful projects and artifacts. 
    • collaborate with other learners and connect with experts without barriers. 
    • use feedback from peers and teachers for reflection and growth. 
    • learn seamlessly inside and outside of school. 
    • achieve mastery through perseverance. 
    • question, research, and solve problems that can have an impact beyond the classroom. 
    • think critically, create, and present their position to an authentic audience. 
    • respond thoughtfully, carefully, and respectfully to others, both in person and online. 
    • uncover and develop their own passions. 
    • cultivate empathy for others. 
    • act as productive, contributing (digital) citizens. 
    • understand that their work and actions are a reflection of them as an individual.