Principal's Corner

  • Jeremy Schmidt, Principal

    April 2022

    Welcome back from Spring Break! Like many staff members announced during our red carpet welcome back, there are only 34 school days left this year. Thinking back to the start of the year, it’s incredible to see how things have changed. Back in August, we were all wearing masks, sitting at desks for lunch, and trying our best to make this year as normal as possible. Seeing where we are now, we are so much closer to what normal used to look like. Students are chatting with their friends between classes, filling the hallway with laughter, and making every day more enjoyable than the last. We know there will always be challenges ahead to overcome, but I feel hopeful for our future and look forward to what is in store. 

    With the spring season just getting started, I hope many of our students and families take time to get outside and enjoy the nicer weather. We have many events planned this spring, including all our athletic contests, a pep assembly, prom, graduation and much more. Whether you are sitting on the sidelines cheering on your fellow Bulldogs, or volunteering within the community, I hope you enjoy every second of it. Make the most of the final days of 2021/2022, Bulldogs!

    January 2022

    Looking back on the past two school years and seeing how much life has changed due to COVID, it can be easy to focus on the negatives. Moving into 2022, let’s change our way of thinking and focus on all the positives. We spent the entire first semester of this school year together. We came back together as a community and showed up to support our athletes no matter the score. We enjoyed several wonderful musical performances and were taken back in time during the fall play. We persevered and have made so many memories in such a short time. It has not always been an easy road, but our students and staff have proved that anything is possible.

    As we enter 2022, there is a lot to look forward to. Although we may not be able to hold full school pep assemblies in the fieldhouse as we have during “normal’ school years, we can spend time bonding within our TEAM rooms. The theatre program is working on performing Seussical the Musical. Many more sports teams will grow their skills and continue to bring our community together. Before we know it, May will be here and we will be sending our seniors off for their next chapter. No matter the path our students take or what the future holds, there will be boundless opportunities for them to thrive and succeed in their goals.

    We cannot wait to hear all about your family time, adventures, and memories created during the break. Wishing you warmth and good cheer this holiday season, and all the best in 2022.

    October 2021

    Dear Parents and Students,

    Grant Community High School offers a comprehensive curriculum with the goal to prepare students with the skills necessary for success in college and a professional career. Educational planning and the selection of classes are important processes to ensure courses taken align with student goals. Education is truly a collaborative effort between students, parents, and the school community. When providing scheduling resources and support, we will ensure that attention is given to each student’s academic potential and plans for their future. We hope that you will take an active part in the selection of classes as well.

    This Curriculum Guide contains information on grading, recognition, graduation requirements, NCAA Clearinghouse requirements, and information on every class offered at Grant Community High School. For each class, you will find information on the level of instruction, length of the class, grade level offered to, prerequisites, credit value, and a brief overview of the class.

    Beginning in November, counselors will schedule individual registration appointments with each student. During the appointment, counselors will review graduation requirements, credits earned, record class selections, and discuss postsecondary plans.

    In preparation for your registration meeting, please carefully read the Curriculum Guide. Throughout their time at Grant, students will play an increasingly important role in selecting their courses of study. It is important that time is taken to ensure that the classes registered for are consistent with personal goals. Student placement is a vital step in fulfilling the mission of Grant Community High School:
    “Grant Community High School will educate each and every student to be a responsible and productive citizen who will be able to effectively manage future challenges. Students will be provided with the opportunity to develop intellectually, emotionally, and physically in a safe and supportive environment.”

    Please contact our Student Services Team at (847) 587-2561 if you have any questions. We look forward to working closely with you to plan for a challenging and successful 2022/23 school year.


    Jeremy Schmidt

    July 30, 2021

    Dear Grant Community High School Parents and Students:

    Since March 2020, we have all been looking forward to a return to our “normal” way of living, and the Bulldog Community is no exception to this. In order to get back to “normal,” we need to also recognize that we are coming off a year and a half of school that is unlike any other. 

    As we plan for and navigate the 2021-2022 school year, we are making a concerted effort to generate culture around “Being a Bulldog” for students to re-establish connectivity to the school community. It is important that the culture and climate that makes Grant special is re-established, and as a school we will be making a focused effort to develop relationships, interactions, and involvements that are traditionally inherent to our school culture.

    So to that end, to meet students where they are at and give them the best possible opportunity to fully engage in all that it means to “Be a Bulldog,” we will be modifying our typical first days of school. In a typical year, we have created an opportunity for freshmen students to get to know the campus and get their footing before our returning students arrive. This year, we are dedicating multiple days for all students to become re-oriented with Grant.

    • Wednesday, August 11, 7:40 AM - 3:10 PM - Seniors & Juniors
    • Thursday, August 12, 7:40 AM - 3:10 PM - Sophomores
    • Friday, August 13, 7:40 AM - 3:10 PM - Freshmen
    • Monday, August 16, 7:40 AM - 3:10 PM - All Students

    Students are expected to attend their assigned days and attendance will be taken. Regular transportation routes will be running. During their first scheduled day of attendance, students will participate in activities that focus on what “Being a Bulldog'' means: students will follow an abbreviated bell schedule, attending all their classes including lunch and meeting all their teachers. Additionally, students will participate in an activity fair where they will learn about all of Grant’s clubs, sports, activities, participate in a kick-off assembly, and meet with their fellow classmates without the intensity of a full building.

    We cannot wait to welcome students back to campus in a few short weeks, and we’re confident that this alternative schedule will provide all students the start to 2021-2022 with a focus on what they can achieve and finding a place within the school community.

    If you have any questions about the first days of school, please contact our Main Office at (847) 587-2561.

    We look forward to seeing all our returning and incoming Bulldogs fill the halls in August!

    Thank you,

    Jeremy Schmidt