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  • March 28, 2019

    Dear Grant Families,

    We wanted to share some exciting news with you about our continued efforts to be a Future Ready School.  At the March 21st Board of Education meeting, the Board approved a 1:1 program for the 2019/20 school year.  The recommendation to provide a Chromebook to every Grant Community High School student comes as a result of three years of systematic planning with the goal to:

    • Provide authentic and relevant learning experiences that meet the curricular needs of all learners.
    • Guide students to become more self-sufficient and responsible by developing 21st century skills focused on collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving.
    • Increase student engagement, student achievement, and academic rigor through personalized learning, differentiation, and equal access to technology.
    • Teach students to be productive and ethical through digital citizenship and global awareness.
    • Empower students with a voice and ownership in their education.
    • Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of education.

    We will also be renovating twenty (20) additional classrooms this summer to provide 21st Century technology and furnishings that embrace student mobility and collaboration.

    It is important to note that this effort is about enhancing teaching and learning through the use of technology.  Our focus is not on the technology, but rather to provide the tools necessary to meet the needs of all learners.  It is also about providing anywhere, anytime learning opportunities for all students. 

    A great deal of preparation has gone into this effort to plan for a smooth rollout for next school year.  Further details will be provided through the spring and summer, but here are a few highlights of what is to come for 2019/20:

    • A Chromebook Handbook will be shared during the online re-enrollment process and must be agreed to by student & parent prior to the issuing of a Chromebook at materials pick-up. The Chromebook Handbook will outline district expectations for student use of the technology and provide guidance to parents on a variety of topics.
    • The student Chromebooks will be the only devices supported on the district network. We are committed to providing a quality education and consistency of devices among students is necessary to provide for continuity in instruction.  Students will no longer have wireless connectivity for personal devices.        
    • The Technology Support Internship (TSI) course, new in 2019/20, will have students learning career readiness skills through their daily support of student Chromebook and staff technology needs. When not assisting students and staff, they will be developing technology skills and knowledge through certifications and pathways of study.
    • A technology fee of $40 per student will be implemented. Included in this fee is coverage for any non-intentional damage to the device, documented theft of device, and a student provided Chromebook case, charging cord and earbuds.  

    Please keep an eye out for additional information and resources that will be shared throughout the coming months and into the beginning of next school year, including Parent University workshops.  We look forward to partnering with you in this new endeavor to improve learning opportunities for our students!


    Christine A. Sefcik, Ed.D.