Freedom of Information

  • (Effective January 1, 2010)

    The Illinois Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is designed to ensure that the public has access to information about their government and its decision-making process. Beginning on January 1, 2010, key changes to the Freedom of Information Act took effect to provide Illinois residents with a more open and accountable government. 

    Christine A. Sefcik, Superintendent

    FOIA Request Form
    By Mail:
    Grant Community High School
    District 124
    285 E. Grand Avenue
    Fox Lake, IL 60020
    By Email:
    By Fax:

    Copy Fees
    5 ILCS 140/4(b)

    First 50 pages are at no charge
    (black & white on letter or legal paper)

    Thereafter - are at 15 cents per page
    (black & white - letter or legal)

    Color copies are not available

    Electronic Copies (when available)
    are at no charge

    The following public records are designated by the District’s Freedom of Information Officer as being immediately available on the District’s website and may be inspected, downloaded, printed and/or copied.  Any public record with an asterisk (*) is immediately available for inspection or copying upon request at the District’s administrative office during its regular business hours, provided any applicable fees are paid.  Records without an asterisk will be provided within 5 business days as allowed by the Freedom of Information Act, provided any applicable fees are paid. When making a request to inspect a document, please try to be as specific as possible so that we may locate the proper file as soon as possible.