• Addams FamilyIn their typical creepy, kooky, mysterious, and spooky fashion, the ghoulish Addams family is visiting the graveyard for an annual gathering of all family members, living dead, and undecided, to celebrate what it is to be an Addams. However, the family encounters an unforeseen obstacle when Wednesday(Samantha Lopatowski), their dark, macabre, beloved daughter who is now an eighteen-year-old young woman who is ready for a life of her own, and she has fallen in love with Lucas Beineke (Ian Hansen), a sweet, boy from a normal, respectable Ohio family — the Beinecke’s Mal (Zachary Langhoff) and his wife Alice (Addie Fugelseth) quite possibly most un-Addams-family possible!

      Uncle Fester (Michael Slighting) enlists the help of the Addams’ ancestors in a call to arms to help the young budding romance. In anxious desperation, Wednesday confides in her father and begs him not to tell her mother of the budding romance.  Now, Gomez (Andre De Luna) must do something he’s never done before– keep a secret from his beloved wife, Morticia (Samantha Cruz).

      With the looming blooming romance, the Addams family and their trusty butler Lurch (Glen Lamz) must face up to the one horrible thing they’ve managed to avoid for generations: change. As Wednesday admits that she is falling in love, Pugsley(Samantha Hernandez) worries about his sister’s changing ways and seeks the advice of his Grandma (Maggie Kolar). As the families of Wednesday and Lucas come together for dinner one fateful evening, chaos ensues and the two families find themselves admitting deep secrets and coming together in ways they never would have imagined.   The Addams Family Musical tells the story of love and friendship through adversity, with a comical and macabre yet poignant spin.

    The Addams Family opens Friday, April 21st at 7 pm, with a Saturday, April 22nd performance at 7 pm, wrapping on Sunday, April 23rd at 2 pm.  Tickets are $7.00 for adults and $5.00 for students and children.  Tickets can be purchased online starting April 3rd.  Be sure to come out and support our cast and crew of over eighty-four Bulldogs.  Because “It’s family first, and family last, and family by and by”!


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