GHS presents the Crucible by Arthur Miller. Image of nighttime woods with noose hanging from tree.


  • This year's fall play will be The Crucible by Arthur Miller.  

    Performances will be November 16-18, 2018. 

    Intended for Mature Audiences


     The Crucible cast includes: 

    Faith Smith as Abigail Williams 

    Ryan Lewis as John Proctor

    Emma Lancaster as Elizabeth Proctor

    Tristan Mesmer as Reverend Parris

    Lizandra Barajas as Betty Parris

    Erin Schimenti as Mary Warren

    Kylie Corrao as Tituba

    Alex Maliziola as Judge Danforth

    Josh Lanners as Judge Hathorne

    Deon Lopez as Reverend Hale

    Jenna Barnowski as Rebecca Nurse

    Jared Murillo as Francis Nurse

    Jacob Wagner as Giles Corey

    Shayna Mitchell as Martha Corey's voice

    Peyton Baisden as Thomas Putnam

    Megan Sampson as Ann Putnam

    Wade Maki as Ezekiel Cheever

    Anthony Yerushalmi as Marshal Willard Herrick

    Alaska Field as Mercy Lewis

    Madison Weber as Susanna Wolcott

    Taylor Schuster as Sarah Good

    Summer Brown and Shayna Mitchell as Puritan Girls


     Student Technical Leads include: 

    Isabella Gauna as Stage Manager

    Natasha Bivins as Student Art Director

    Maya Kosar as Set Construction Manager

    Megan Pahlow as Student Costume Designer

    Emma Dinitz as Student Costume Manager

    Maddie Bieniarz and Gina Green as Props Co-Leads

    Hunter Baisden as Lighting Lead

    Cameron Hartman and Katie Ulinski as Sound Co-Leads

    Kate Minarik as Realming Lead

    Morgan Witek as Ticketing Lobby Lead

    Connor Rada as Usher Lead





  • Sponsor: Beth Suehr
    Phone: 847-973-3771