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    1950 Contact Marguerite Drozd
    6 W. Hilltop Ave, Fox Lake, IL 60020
    grannymcd7@aol.com (847) 587-0747
    1951 Connie Walker "Pres" -  Chief Planner / Reservations - walkercn@sprynet.com
    14811 Swale, San Antonio, TX 78248
    Paul Floto - Class of '51 Data Sheet Keeper - tripnic@ticon.net 
    Donna Floensbee Harrison - Newspaper / Class Website / Memory Book - donnado5@home.com  11596 Sierra Dawn #235, Surprise, AZ  85374
    Wilda & Hazel - Classmate Finders Exceptional
    Frank (Duke) Watts - Maintenance of this Web Page -  ec3corp@RkyMtnHi.com
    1954 Pat Stagg at 224-280-4730 (pstagg@sbcglobal.net )or John Lumber at 847-587-0583 (jlumber@clcillinois.edu)
    1956 to contact your classmates, please go to www.yeoldbulldogsbark.com


    1959, 1960


    Class of 61, 55th reunion will be held at the Illinois Beach Resort in Zion Illinois on August 30 and 31.  Contact Bob Soderdahl duckslice1@aol.com or Ken Flaks flaksk@aol.com for additional information. 



    1964, 1965

    1962     Dee Frost                       deemfrost@comcast.net
    1963     Peg Pawlak                    pegpawlak@hotmail.com
    1964     Beattie (Schlief)  Lipski    beajoy46@yahoo.com
    1965     Karen Meldahl                 kmeldahl@msn.com

    G.C.H.S. Class of 1966

    Check out GCHS Class of 1966 on Facebook.

    Contact:  Susan (Muehlbrandt) Stilling
    Phone: 815-790-0144
    E-Mail: Alohastillings@cs.com

    1966-1970 Betty Mroz (Micheli) at 312-491-1854 or email at: chitownliz2001@yahoo.com.

    Grant's Class of 1967 will be celebrating their 50-Yr. Reunion on Sept. 15-16, 2017 in IL.

    Friday September 15th

    Interested in a Golf Outing??:  Contact Boyce at bctechllc@comcast.net and he will advise details. 

    Varsity Football Game: 7:15PM at Grant VS Antioch High School. 

    Ice Breaker: 6:00PM--?? at Captain’s Quarters Marina located on the North Shore of Fox Lake in Antioch Township off Grass Lake Rd.; 38283 N. Bolton Pl., Antioch 60002; 847-395-3569. If you come hungry, you can order from the menu & pay accordingly. Cash bar will be available and live music will be provided. Dress is casual.

    Saturday, September 16th 

    Homecoming Parade: Details will be confirmed by high school personnel in August, but shoot for 9:00AM. If enough interest, we’ll try to secure a float or fire engine to ride on (anyone have connections??).

    School Tour:  The typical building tour is Saturdays @10:30AM following the parade and is open to all. We have been told it may be possible to have our own private tour if there is enough interest.

    Evening/Dinner: 5:00PM–?? at Famous Freddie’s Roadhouse, 510 Park Ave., Fox Lake 60020;847-587-9677.

    A buffet dinner will be served 6PM-8PM. Cash bar will be available. Dress is casual.

    Reunion committee: Kathi Neuroth-Langill (702-353-3028/its.kathi@live.com);
    Lillian Randazzo-Maeder (941-979-1313/lmaeder2@yahoo.com); Boyce Carsella (815-245-9750/boycecar@comcast.net) & Patricia Blair-Wulf (813-383-6919/wulfjp44@gmail.com).  Please click here for the Class of 1967 Reunion Flyer


    Crissy Lee Handley at 815-678-4080
    email: Exodus4080@charter.net

    1969 Contact Betty Mroz-Micheli at chitownliz2001@yahoo.com
    Class of 1970 45th reunion is planned for September, 2015.  Visit the class web site at www.grant1970.com for complete information and more.
    The class of 1970 reunion committee members:
    Rick Pasturczak (Web Guy)
    Sharon (Radtke) Griffth 
    Cathy (Halsey) Christensen
    Beth (Panek) Molburg
    Deb (Behnke) Brage
    Bob Langbein

    Class of 1971
    45 year Class Reunion

    Dear Classmates,

                    You and your significant other are cordially invited to attend a 45 year Class Reunion for the Grant Class of 1971. The event will be held at Moretti’s in Fox Lake on Saturday, July 16th.

                                                    Cash Bar will be open at 6:00 p.m.
                                        Moretti’s Pizza Party Buffet will begin at 7:00 p.m.

                    The buffet includes Appetizers, Unlimited Pizza, Penne with Marinara, Fresh Garden Salad tossed with House Vinaigrette, Freshly Baked Bread and butter. The cost is $25 per person

                    Moretti’s is located at 164 S Route 12 in Fox Lake. (847-973-1800)
                    We will be in the private party room in the lower level.
                    Please feel free to bring any high school memorabilia that you would like to share with your class mates.

                    We would like your RSVP and payment by July 1, 2016. Please send your check payable to “GCHS Class of 1971” to Sue Dubs at P.O. Box K, Richmond, IL 60071. If you have any questions please contact any of us listed below. :

                                    Linda Kuper Mortensen at lmort53@msn.com
                                    Patty Tonyan Knack at pattyknack@comcast.net
                                    Sue Muehlfelder Dubs at sdubs6666@charter.net
                                    Sharon Walk Burr at Sharon-burr@comcast.net

                    Also feel free to visit the Grant Class of 1971 Facebook page or Grant High School’s webpage for Alumni information

    If you know where any of your classmates are, we would appreciate you sharing this information as we have been unable to locate all of them. Click here for a list of who we are missing. Thanks for your help getting the word out about the reunion. 

    Contact Susan Muehlfelder Dubs at classof71@charter.net or Michelle Marconi Johnson at mjohnson@countrygaspropone.com or Sharon Walk Burr.
    1972 You can contact Wes Loukota via email at TheTopDog@the72bulldogs.com or wloukota@yahoo.com or by phone at 865-579-1856 in Knoxville, TN.  You can also contact Dorene (Stanaszek) Higgons at dhiggons@attbi.com or Lilian Gofron atlilgofron@yahoo.com
    1974 Your Reunion Planning Committee contacts:
    Bob Smith 847-587-6518    bettysmith@sbcglobal.net

     If you have any questions, please contact one of the Reunion Committee members

    Class Reunion Contacts: 
    Sandy (Krueger) Campbell
    Sue (Beskow) Gustafson
    Terry (Grischeau) Hunter
    Dominic Marturano 
    Bob Epker
    Phyllis (Parker) Schweiss
    Sherry (Robin) Jaskowiak
    Peggy (Dietz) Savage

    1976 Nancy Needham Solomon
    308 Kazimour Dr Lake
    Barrington, IL 60010
    Phone: 630.564.9177
    H 847.540.8003
    W GCHS1976@ElegantEmbroidery.com
    Reunion info https://www.facebook.com/events/526448050860836/
    October 8, 2016
    Parade 9am
    Game 1:00pm
    Reunion Social 5:00pm
    164 State Rt 12
    Fox Lake, IL 60020
    $25 before October 1 $30 at door Paypal: GCHS1976@ElegantEmbroidery.com
    Buffet Appetizers, cash bar, trivia contest, class photo @ 7pm, memorabilia, socializing.
    Contact: Nancy Needham
    Reunion Committee: Nancy Needham Solomon Terri Lastofka Smith Kim Burt Bachelor Ann Biere Soderman Vicki Sterbenz Thoene


    1977 Contacts
    Dan Lombardo 912-826-7128
    Bill Kirscht 847-985-9235
    Mike Solheim 847-680-4418
    Sandy (Sanko)Sabielny 815-675-6312
    Kitty (McLeod)Von Bruenchenhein 815-675-6803
    Your Reunion Planning Committee:  
    Lisa Coe (Najdowski) & Chris Coe   847-526-1558 / CoeVista@aol.com
    Nick Manusos  / ncmanusos@gmail.com
    Vicki Nielsen (Hill) / iplan@mc.net
    Mark Loffredo  / mloffredo@righthandtech.com 
    Tina Boyte (Williams)  / TBoyte@att.net
    Joe Retek / retekjs@gmail.com

    Contact planners below with questions:
    Geneel (Gaylor) Edwards (847) 973-2812
    Pam (Hanan) Katoch (847) 740-7724
    Kim (Urban) Couture (847) 546-5186
    Chris (Grisheau) Stochl (847) 587-2339


    Anni Beskow beskow10@aol.com.  I am also in charge of the facebook (Anni Beskow Bertucci Vear) – and classmates.com



    Chris Schindler - kschins101@aol.com or 630-220-1862
    Pearl Bazata Eilers Harth - paeilers@gmail.com

    More Information:

    Or On Facebook: Grant Community High School Class of 1981

    Please check out our sites -- 70 classmates still missing. Please register on website to verify you contact information.

    1982 Contact:   Susan Hinkler 847-336-2408



    Contacts: Denise Traska Precht: rdjp33@sbcglobal.net; Laura Kussmann-Lehman: lllehmaniii@yahoo.com


    Contact Jane Ferrigan-Wilson at 847-587-4151 or email FerWil5@comcast.net  

    1987 E-mail Karyn Prasil- Bendinelli at gchs1987@sbcglobal.net or call me at 847-587-1167.

    Grant Class of 1988

    Please connect using the following Facebook Group: GCHS Class of 1988

    Questions? E-mail grantbulldogs1988@yahoo.com


    Contact Heather Berwanger (Henderson) at gchs1989@yahoo.com
    More information posted on www.classmates.com and www.facebook.com


    Please find us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=103956516328507&ref=mf


    Kellie (Siebert) Weber 847-697-5991 or e-mail  weberkellie@hotmail.com

    You can also find information about class of 1991 @ http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=119325858124425

    1992 Please contact Nikki Cogswell (Knack) at (847) 973-0193
    or Julie VanDuine (Homan) at julie_in_colorado@yahoo.com
    More information posted on www.classmates.com
    1993 For complete information on the Class of '93 go to:
    Trecia Fullerton @ TMF1025@msn.com
    Kris Clark (Hoehne) @ kristena.clark@grubb-ellis.com
    Jamie Spadaro @ jms0220@hotmail.com
    1994 Contact:
    Jenny (Katalinich) Sundell - sundell9300@att.net
    Jenny (Nieves) Mosansky - jennavie1@aol.com
    Jackie Paladino - itlnspc769@aol.com

    Our 20-Year Reunion is in the works!  Go to our Facebook page for more info!   1995 Grant CC High School Reunion  

    If you are not on Facebook or know people who aren't, please email this address:  grantbulldogs95@yahoo.com

    Details will be posted here as they become available! Be sure to get in on the fun! 

    Class of ’95 Reunion Committee
    Cory (Mazzuca) Bowles….(ph) 847-721-9364  (e) cmb77@sbcglobal.net 
    Erica Drehobl:…………… (ph) 847-366-7463  (e) polishprincess21@hotmail.com 
    Kelli (Gratz) Hyde:………(ph) 847-815-6748  (e) Khyde1843@aol.com 
    Krista Koske:……………..(ph) 847-721-8656  (e) singlow22@excite.com 
    Melina (Liontas) Leber:…(ph) 847-308-1159  (e) melinaliontas@hotmail.com 
    Ed Lescher:……………….(ph) 847-833-5695  (e) ELesch3@sbcglobal.net 
    Jenni Marcomb:………….(ph) 847-322-5367  (e) jenmarcomb@comcast.net
    Stacy Selle:………………..(ph) 847-804-5071  (e)  stacyselle@yahoo.com
    1996 E-mail: grantclassof1996@hotmail.com
    We are currently planning our 20 year reunion!

    Go to our Facebook page for more info  - GCHS Fox Lake IL – Class of 1997 – please feel free to invite any graduates of 1997 that we have may missed to our page!  If there is anyone that isn’t on Facebook and is interested in attending, please feel free to direct them to this page in order to get in contact with a member of the planning committee.
    Details will be posted here as they become available! Please be sure to contact someone on the committee with questions or if you would like to assist with the planning.
    Class of ’97 Reunion Committee
    Melissa Dolan                           847-494-9765                 melissajaninedolan@yahoo.com
    Jamie (Burr) Martin                    623-377-1224                 jamez0618@gmail.com
    Christy (Wienke) Niemietz           847-275-7313                 christyniemietz@gmail.com
    Nikole (Kowalczyk) Paoli            815-403-5597                 Nikole.paoli@gmail.com
    Tina (Sutton) Rinkenberger         815-347-6199                 tinarinks17@gmail.com
    Jamie (Powers) Smart                847-254-6286                 jamiesmart@sbcglobal.net

    Please contact Carrie Schultz (Beta) @ 847-973-0441, Kristy Hardt (Gibbs) @ 815-575-6310 or Nina Hill
    e-mail: gchsflclassof98@yahoo.com


    You may also contact Kara Schrock (Butler) at 479 445-7166 or kara.schrock@gmail.com

    2000 Email  Mandy Dietz (Mandy DiTusa) mandyann82@sbcglobal.net or Anna Gregory (Anna Warwick) atirishphoneix@gmail.com for information