Principal's Corner

  • Jeremy Schmidt, Principal

    July 2022

    Welcome to the onset of the 2022-2023 school year!  With over 479 incoming freshmen and over 1865 total students enrolled, we certainly continue to be a big place, and the uniqueness of each individual contributes to the power of the whole community.  Each and every member of our school contributes in some way, and we pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of opportunities for everyone.  There are many ways to get engaged, and this always begins with academics but also includes saying yes to new experiences offered in athletics and extracurriculars.  We know that students who try new activities and get engaged always have good experiences, and I am confident that there is something new outside of the classroom that every student can enjoy being involved in. 

    As a school community, every year we learn, grow, and work to improve, and this year is no exception.  Student voice was heard and fortunately we have been able to offer more elective courses with workplace and internship experiences as well as developing new Advanced Placement courses.  Moreover, student parking opportunities have expanded and been improved, and for something we can all appreciate: cafeteria menus have been upgraded with more choices, healthier options, and heartier varieties.  Please don’t forget, however, that the Federal Government is no longer offering free school lunches to all students like the past two years; so, load up your Skyward accounts before the first day of school.

    It all begins again on August 10, 2022, our first day of school.  This year again, freshmen will arrive on campus at the normal time for a regular start at 7:40 A.M.  Sophomores through seniors will not arrive on campus until the Flex Start time of 9:25 A.M.  Bussing will be provided for all students for both the regular and Flex Start times.  If sophomores, juniors, or seniors arrive on campus early you can wait in the Commons until 9:00 A.M.

    From 7:40 A.M. – 8:55 A.M., freshmen will follow “The Freshman Five” abbreviated bell schedule.  This time will allow freshmen to become comfortable with the building, follow their class schedule with only freshmen in the building, and meet their Big Dawg Mentors and teachers. At the conclusion of “The Freshman Five”, freshmen will join sophomores, juniors, and seniors to follow a 9:25 A.M. Flex Start schedule with all students present.  The day’s schedule is included with this letter. 

    I am confident speaking for the entire staff when I say that we look forward to all of the fantastic things that you will accomplish this year!  Prior to our first day, review your schedule and bring it with you the first day, enjoy the remainder of your summer, and plan on making this a great year!

    Keep It RED,

    Mr. Jeremy Schmidt