• Student Services Home

    The student services department at Grant Community High School provides students with ongoing academic counseling, post-high school planning, and personal counseling on an as needed basis. Students are assigned a counselor by last name. (see chart below)

    Appointments are available during the school day. Please see Mrs. Ashmore in the Counseling Office to schedule an appointment.

    Counselors may be contacted directly at 847-587-2561 (see below for individual extensions) or by email.

COUNSELOR Extension 9th-12th
Larry Elliott 3441 A-Ci
Jill Schroeder 3443 Cj-Gq
Erin Mitchell 3440 Gr-La
Heather Schaefer 3444 Lb-O
Nicole Gill 3442 P-Sk
Steve Avallone 3439 Sl-Z
  • Student Services Secretary- ext 3419