• Skyward Family Access Instructions

    Family Access - Parent (Legal Guardian)

    Family Access is a web-based service that allows parents (legal guardians) to view information on their student(s). Information that Family Access allows parents to view include:

    • General Student Information
    • Student Grades
    • Student Schedules
    • Attendance Records
    • Fee Management
    • Health Information

    Particpation Requirements

    • Parents (legal guardians) must have at least one student currently enrolled in Grant Community High School (GCHS).
    • Parents (legal guardians) must read and complete the Skyward Family Access Application and turn it into the Main Office with proof of identification. The form is available in the Main Office or can be downloaded under the "Parent" tab.

    Family Access is password protected. Please keep your username and password confidential. You will be notified of your Family Access login and password by email, if you have provided one. If no email account has been provided by you, you may obtain your login and password at the time that you turn in your completed application to the Main Office with proof of identification. The approved Skyward Family Access Application form is valid until your student graduates or withdraws from GCHS.

    Student Information

    Family Access is "real time," meaning that once your student's information is updated it will automatically show up to be viewed in Family Access. Please be patient and allow teachers approximately 3 to 6 days to return assignments and update grade information accordingly. Essays, research papers, projects, etc., take longer to grade than a typical assignment, so please take that into consideratino and allow for extra grading time before contacting your student's teacher. Grades are fluid and change daily/weekly as teachers add assignments and grades to the system. Grades are not "official" until the grading term has ended and final grades are issued.

    System Requirements

    Your computer must have access to the internet. You will need to disable any pop-up blockers or override pop-blockers when using Family Access.

    Login Information

    1. Go to the Grant website (www.grantbulldogs.org)
    2. Click on the "Parent" tab
    3. Click on the "Skyward Family Access" icon
    4. Log-in by entering your log-in name and password

    Please note that if a space is indicated in your login, you must leave the space when you enter your login. The login name is the first five characters of your last name and the first three characters from your first name and a three digit number.

    Forgot your login or password?

    1. Click on the "Forgot Login or Password" and enter necessary information
    2. Your login information will be sent to you via email

    Don't have a password?

    1. Pick up a Skyward Family Access Application in the Main Office or download from the "Parents" tab
    2. Complete the form and return it ot the Main Office along with proof of identification
    3. The Main Office will provide you with your login and passowrd

    Navigating Family Access

    Student Selection

    For families with more than one currently enrolled student, Family Access lets you select which student's information you wish to view. On the top taskbar of the Family Access Calendar screen, you will find a student selection drop-down box that allows you to toggle back and forth between your students. If you ahve mroe than one student enrolled and you do not find all of your student's names under the drop-down box, please email jraslawski@grantbulldogs.org

    Calendar Screen

    After logging in, the first screen you will see is the calendar. It will show you assignments for your student's classes and grades received. Click on any assignment to find out more information relating to the assignment. To the left of the screen, you will find the main menu.

    Student Information

    Here you will find the demographic information that we have on file for the student selected at the top of your screen. If any of this data is incorrect, please email jraslawski@grantbulldogs.org. You may change your password or your email address by clicking on "Account Information" in the top right corner.


    The Gradebook allows you to view assignments and grades in each of your student's subjects. This tool is provided to keep you informed of how your child is doing in class. The gradebook screen is divided into three tabs:

    • Progress Report Tab
      • This tab refers to the grades posted for your student in real time. It is a snapshot in time and will change as assignments are completed/not completed, grades updated, attendance, etc. These grades reflect all assignments that have been turned in and graded during that grading term. Click on any underlined grade to see the assignments that make up a grade.
    • Missing Assignments Tab
      • Here you will see assignments that your student has been given but are not yet marked as complete. Many factors affect the time it takes to grade an assignment so please allow 3 to 6 days for an assignment to be updated before contacting your student's teacher.
    • Comments Tab
      • Here you will find the teacher's comments from the last grading cycle.

    Definition of Gradebook Marks:

    • A+ - F
      • Signifies a letter grade earned on an assignment, text, quiz, etc.
    • *
      • Signifies the assignment, text, quiz, etc., has yet to be assigned or has been submitted but not graded
    • 0
      • Signifies the student has not received a grade for an assignment; the special codes section will clarify its meaning

    Definition of Special Codes:

    • NGY
      • Signifies that the assignment has been handed in but is Not Graded Yet
    • AB
      • Signifies that the student was absent and can turn in work for full credit
    • LATE
      • Signifies taht the student did not turn in the work on time and will recieve LATE work credit for the assignment
    • REF
      • Signifies that the student refused to do the assignment and can no longer receive credit

    Term Definitions:

    • P1 - 1st Progress Update
    • P2 - 2nd Progress Update
    • P3 - 3rd Progress Update
    • P4 - 4th Progress Update
    • SE1 - 1st Semester
    • P5 - 5th Progress Update
    • P6 - 6th Progress Update
    • P7 - 7th Progress Update
    • P8 - 8th Progress Udpate
    • SE2 - 2nd Semester Final Exam
    • S2 - 2nd Semester

    Tip: In order to view detailed information about any of the grades, click on the letter grade for that course under the semester link (either S1 or S2). This will display all work and grades from the beginning of that semester.

    Message Center

    The Message Center shows messages sent to you by your student's teachers. These may be messages sent to the entire class or a message sent just to you. You may also receive messages from school administration.


    The Attendance page shows you the attendance record for your student. You may view attendance in a calendar view, daily view, or term totals only.


    This page shows your student's schedule including the class information, teacher, classroom number, teacher contact information, and credits they are receiving for each class.

    Fee Management

    Fee Management provides a detailed listing of all charges, payments, and any amounts due for your student.


    The activity page displays activites that your student is currently participating in along with informaiton on the coach/sponsor of the activity.

    Report Cards

    This page displays a printable copy of posted report cards.

    Health Information

    The Health Information section displays immunization records and other health related information currently on file for your student.

    Login History

    The Login History section lists recent dates and times when you have accessed your account.

    Current Assignments

    This page will display any online assignments that teachers have posted for your student.