College Information

  • Two-Year College

    Are you interested in attending the College of Lake County (CLC)? Do you have questions about the admission and enrollment process? The resources listed below might have your answer! If not, reach out to Jenny Landmann, our CLC Navigator, at or make an appointment through her Calendly.

    How to apply to CLC:

    • Visit CLC's Admission website
    • Click "Apply Online"
    • Read the statements and click "Ok"
    • Fill out the required information and click "Submit Information" at the end when complete
    • You will need the following information to fill out the application:
      • Social Security number (if applicable, if you don't have one, enter all zeroes)
      • Address, phone number, and email
      • Citizenship status
      • Last high school attended
      • Educational plan (there are options to choose from such as completing an Associate's Degree, to prepare to transfer to a four-year school, or to just take some classes)

    If you have all this information, the application should take you no more than 15-20 minutes. Students will receive two emails within an hour or so. One will have their username and one will have their temporary password so they can log in.

    Where can I send my SAT scores and my transcript?
    CLC does not require a student's SAT score to be official from SAT. Do NOT pay the $12 to send your score. See your counselor for help with sending your score. All documentation can be sent to the Registrar's Office through email -

    What SAT score(s) do I need to place into college-level courses?
    If a student has a 470 minimum on the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section, the student does not need to take the placement test.

    • If a student has a 580 minimum in Math, they do not need to take the placement test even if they didn't take Geometry.
    • There are general guidelines. Scores could vary by program.

    What do the course codes mean? How do I know if a course will transfer to a four-year school or not?

    • Even digit in the middle (121, 242, etc.) = transferable course to a four-year school
    • Odd digit in the middle (131, 211, etc.) = career course not meant to be transferable
    • Zero in the middle (101, 102, etc.) = developmental/non-credit

    CLC Scholarships
    Information for Undocumented Students

    Who can I talk to if I have an IEP and want to get set up for accommodations or other support at CLC?
    Thomas Crowe, Director of Disability Services
    Location: L112
    Phone: (847) 543-2473