Pre-Payment for School Lunch

  • Grant Community High School has a computerized debit system that allows parents to pre-pay for school food services. The computerized system uses the student I.D. card to allow parents to establish a pre-paid account for their students. The account may be used for breakfast and lunch service. Students eligible for free or reduced-price meals also use their student I.D. card for school meal services. Pre-payment can be made in several different ways:

    We do strongly recommend that you provide your student(s) with a pre-paid balance to purchase breakfast and lunch. Debit transactions are efficient, allowing student’s additional time to eat and permitting you to see what they are purchasing on account.

    Food Service - Common Questions & Answers

    What are the advantages of the prepay system?
    Payment can be made by check on a weekly or monthly basis instead of giving your student cash for school meals. This system is convenient for parents and helps students develop budgeting skills. The prepayment system also helps provide faster service to students thereby allowing more time for your student to eat lunch.

    What happens when the prepaid account reaches zero?
    Your student can check their balance with the cashiers at any time. You can also check your student’s balance by logging onto Skyward Family Access. No credit (negative balance) will be extended. Students with a zero balance must pay cash until their account has a payment applied.

    Can students receive refunds?
    Refunds of unused funds will be made only to parents upon written request. Cash refunds will not be made to students. Students may ask for the status of their account balance any time a transaction is made. Any unused funds will automatically roll from one school year to the next – there is nothing you need to do to make that happen.

    How long does it take to establish a prepaid account?
    An account will be established within one school day after receipt of payment.

    How much does school meal service cost?
    An average student can expect to spend $3.55 per day for a complete lunch meal; a complete breakfast meal is $1.50.

    How is a prepaid account established?
    To establish a prepaid account for your student, please complete the form located at the link below. Payments should be brought directly to the school cafeteria. Payments will be accepted Monday through Friday from 7:00a.m to 10:00a.m. in the cafeteria office. A completed prepayment form must accompany all payments. Additional forms are available from the cafeteria office, the main office