• What is my student’s current grade?

    Unlike traditional grading, there is not a mathematically calculated running letter grade. Letter grades are updated by the teacher at the end of each progress period and reported in the gradebook. The grade is determined by the teacher’s assessment of evidence of learning and growth produced by your student in the Academic Skills category.


    How do I determine how my student is doing?

    In order to follow your student’s progress, the easiest place to look is under the green “Student Growth” category of the gradebook. This will be updated weekly by the teacher as an indicator of whether or not your student is progressing. If your student is engaged in the learning process and working toward mastery in the seven academic skills, the evidence they produce on the formative and summative assessments will show continued improvement. This is how your student will earn an “AG” which means they are making appropriate growth. A student that continuously earns AG each week is trending toward an A/B in the course. Conversely, continued weekly growth ratings of MG and FG indicate a student is trending toward a D/F in the course. 


    How does the teacher determine weekly Student Growth?

    Each week your student will have opportunities to show progress through formative and summative assessments. Your student’s performance on these assessments will be recorded in the Skyward gradebook under each of the Academic Skills. The teacher will use this data to determine your student’s progress in mastering the skills and then make a determination of your student’s growth for the week. 


    How can I follow what my student is doing on a day to day basis?

    In order to follow what your student is doing each day or to know if your student is completing assignments or coursework, you can check the Schoology gradebook. In this gradebook, the teacher will post daily assignments, projects, and other tasks your student completes in class or for homework. You will be able to see any missing assignments or incomplete assignments. Completion of these assignments is an indicator of your student’s progress in learning. If your student is receiving MG or FG ratings and not performing well on assessments, it is likely they are not participating in the learning process by completing the assignments you will see on Schoology.


    How does the RED Behavior/Work Habits component work?

    This is a way for you to gauge your student’s everyday behavior. Each progress period, the teacher will provide feedback and a grade of 1, 2, or 3 in each of the three RED areas. RESPECTFUL, ENGAGED, DEPENDABLE. The feedback you see will allow you to determine if your student is displaying respectful behaviors like using appropriate language and respecting others. You will be able to determine if your student is engaged by following the electronic policy of the classroom and participating in individual and group assignments. You will also be able to determine if your student is being dependable by doing things like bringing materials to class and getting to class on time. These classroom behaviors are often the indicators of why a student may or may not be finding success in math. The RED grade is not used to determine your student’s final letter grade. It is simply a feedback tool. 


    What if I have more questions?

    You can always reach out to your teacher via email or phone anytime. The teacher will be happy to talk with you further about how to stay involved in your student’s learning.