• If your student is sick at school:

    Students need a pass from class to come to the health office, unless it is an emergency. If it is a passing period, then the student must get a pass from the next class, so the teacher is aware of the student’s attendance. Appropriate communication to parent/guardian or emergency contact based upon concern may follow.

    If your student has a fever (temperature of 100 degrees or more):

    Your student must be fever-freefor 24 hours without the assistance of a fever-reducing medication, such as Advil, Tylenol, etc. before he/she can return to school. If your student is found to have a fever while at school, they must be picked up immediately.

    If your student requires medication while at school: 

    Please reference our Medication Administration Consent form. No student can carry over the counter or prescription medications.

    If your student has a doctor’s note or arrives to school on crutches:

    Please give a copy of all physician notes to the health office, we will assist in distributing to the appropriate staff. Elevator access and extra time between classes may be provided to assist the student throughout the school day. If additional resources are needed, please contact the health office.

    Vision screenings:

    Students transferring into Illinois for the first-time MUST have a vision exam completed by a physician.


    Please call the health office with any additional questions or concerns.