Accessing Your Parent Schoology Account

    1. Schoology You must use the parent email address you have in Skyward in order to begin accessing your Schoology account.
      1. If you do not have a parent email address in Skyward, you must enter one in Skyward and then wait a day for that email address to sync with Schoology. If you need assistance, email
      2. If you have the same email address entered for both parents or guardians, you will only be able to have one Schoology account.  In order to create separate parent Schoology accounts, you will need a different email address for one of the parents/guardians and wait for a day for that to sync with Skyward.
    2. Go to the following website:
    3. In the email box, type in the exact email address you have in Skyward.
    4. Click on the “Forgot Password” link.  Do NOT try to enter a password here.
    5. Schoology will send an email to your email address that will have you enter a new password and you will be into your Schoology parent account.
    6. The landing page will be your parent page--not your student’s course page.
    7. In order to see your student’s course page(s), click on the tab on the top right where your name is and change the view to your student’s view.  You will then see your student’s course information.

    The following support page on the Schoology website will also have more helpful information for parent users of Schoology: