Night on the Nile ~ Prom Information

  • This year’s Prom, Night on the Nile, is quickly approaching! The Super Saturday Sale for this year’s Prom tickets is scheduled for Saturday, April 13th from 8:00am-11:00am in the GCHS Senior Cafe. Tickets to Prom will be sold at $60.00 per ticket on April 13th and also on April 15-18 before school (7:00am-7:30am) and after school (3:10pm-4:00pm) in Room 221.  Any student wishing to bring an out of school guest must have the Grant Dance Guest Approval Form completed before tickets can be purchased.

    Prom is Friday, May 3rd and the destination is Belvedere Banquest in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.  Please remember, all students must be present for the entire school day on Friday, May 3rd in order to attend Prom.  No absences, tardies, or passes off campus will be excused for students attending Prom.  Please be aware that any student tardy to school or absent from any class will not be allowed to attend Prom.  Students are also required to follow the GCHS dance dress code.
    Junior and Senior students received formal Prom Guidelines during their TEAM time.  Further inquiries can be addressed to event organizers Ms. Highley at (847) 973-3742, or Ms. Frett at (847) 973-3456,
    Prom Poster