• Robotic Club will introduce you to the field of physical coding. That's computer programming for things that sense and interact with physical things. You will learn how to use a computer chip to read the temperature, light levels, push-buttons, knobs and range-sensors. You will learn how to use this information to have the computer operate motors, lights and power supplies. Three large projects will be to make a small wheeled robot, a robot arm such as found in a manufacturing plant, and old-fashioned arcade games. Smaller projects include mimicking automated equipment from everyday life (hand-dryers, door-openers, railroad crossings)

    The club will cover both computer coding and wiring circuits. Students do not need any previous knowledge of either topic to join the club. The coding will be done in a version of C++. This is a common language used in industry today. Wiring will be simple basic circuits. No soldering is necessary.

    The club will meet on Tuesdays each week after school until 4. The door is open on Wednesday and Thursday if you can't make in on Tuesday or if you want more time to work on a project.

  • Sponsor:  Michael Anderson
    Phone: (847) 973-3700
    Email: manderson@grantbulldogs.org