Front Office Photographs





This is a photo I took downtown on our field trip earlier in the year. We learned about HDR photography, which is what skill was used to take this photo. HDR is high dynamic rage, a method used in photography to allow a greater dynamic range between the lightest and darkest areas. I took three photos of the lawn at Millennium Park using different settings and put them all together on Photoshop the next day. Using HDR, I was able to really bring out the green of the grass, the shine of the stage, and the blue of the sky.


Katie Rada                 Title: Prudential 











When I took this picture it was late at night and I needed to do my sharpen creativity assignment. I decided to jump into my bed and crawl under the covers. In a matter of seconds I became a monster and destroyed the neatness of my covers. I did flips and turns and random jumps and twitches to get my covers into the positions I liked. I then jumped out like a ninja over the art to not ruin my masterpiece. I used the Aperture mode on the camera and a shallow depth of field to focus on the wave of the blankets and the curvature of the fringe that goes in multiple directions. There are different textures that complement each other well. It was fun making this photo but I wasn’t happy making my bed again.

Sydney Vincent               Bed






















London Flowers


When I took this photo, I was in London for a photography workshop with National Geographic Student Expeditions. On this particular day, we had visited Oxford, and then traveled about a half-hour out to a small town, where we were practicing landscape photographs. This particular photo is of some of the poppies that bordered the edge of a wheat field.


Erin Smyth             London Flowers














My goal for the picture I took was to display the contrast between natural life and manmade life. The extreme values of color in the flowers help display a natural glow which makes the flowers seem alive. The darker colors of the building help show the cold, empty, and lifeless feel of our manmade structures. These two combined into this photo give amazing contrast that is hard not to look at. I feel my picture conveys strong emotion.

Jacob Wilburn                   Flowers












In this picture I wanted one object to really stand out and I loved the monkey’s facial expression. The Photography assignment was place random objects on a table and show the resemblance in all of them. All the objects on the table are animals and have funny facial expressions. I blurred the background in this photo to make the monkey really stand out.
Amber Freund                    Monkey
























Light Bulb


The photography of the light bulb is a photo with an early circular light bulb, nail, and spider. In the background, you can see writing in the paint, spider webs, and dust. It was taken upstairs in the Into to Art room. I took this photography because it represented the early days of Grant High School that we often forget about. The light bulb also symbolizes creativity and knowledge. When the photography was taken, I used the rule of thirds making the subject take up two thirds of the entire photograph. It also incorporates the element of leading lines with the blue paint leading the circular light bulb. The spherical shape of the light bulb adds dimension to the photograph since everything else is straight and flat for the most part. The light from the window emphasizes the subject of the photography as well.

Erin Ehlers                    Light Bulb Photography













Glass Sun


I took this photograph in my front yard.  It is of the top part of one of my bird feeder hangers.  In the background is my favorite tree.  I really like the contrast of the hard, smooth metal with the organic shapes and colors of the tree.  I also like the patterns in the glass and the swirls the metal is shaped into.  This photograph really inspires me, and I hope it does the same for you.

Shelby Johnson                      Glass Sun
















When I took this photo, I had my glasses and my camera positioned on the roof of my car, off the side of a dirt road in Round Lake. It was actually taken around my friend’s house, and this is the reason I knew of the place. I choose this place because I thought the scenery was beautiful and unique for the town, and I thought the lighting was just right. Also, I wanted to take this photo because I thought it would be cool to see the reflection of my camera in the glasses and the reflection of the glasses on the roof of my car. So that’s two reflections in one photo. Not to forget to add in that these are my favorite pair of sun glasses. But overall, I thought the placement of this photo and the object worked out perfect. Including too that the blue stands out but the mirror lenses draw all the attention to the portion of the photograph.


Emily Cross                             Reflection









Dandelion at Sunset



Photography is less of a hobby and more of a lifestyle to me. Each picture is 
like an individual piece of artwork that I frame in my head.  Only after the 
composition is put together in my head, do I take the camera up and shoot.  
This picture was taken on a relaxing day, spent with a friend on a walk to 
what seemed like nowhere in particular.  Sometimes in life, you need to get 
lost before you find that one perfect shot.

Jessica Mormino                            Dandelion at Sunset